Grant Express™ is here to provide reliable support from our extensive FAQ page, to additional technical support subjects featured below.  Find your topic and find your answer. Thank you.

Most of your general questions such as registration, tokens, organization info, etc. are answered on our FAQ page.  Easy and quick.

Once you've registered and signed up to use Grant Express™, you will be directed to a section for "onboarding" where you will be asked to input your basic organizational information such as name, address, phone, email, organization mission, etc.  This is important and called "Onboarding" because you only do it ONCE and then Grant Express™ has it automatically available for use for multiple applications whenever you work on one.

Onboarding is comprised of four sections: Organization Info, Leadership, Financial and Overview.   It is the basic organization information that will be used again and again.  It's really easy to complete; short and intuitive.   Simply click the tabs on the left of that area to move between the four sections with ease.

Yes.   You bet you can change any of this information at any time.  If you have staff, email, phone, Board or any other information you want to change, a simple click allows you to edit your organization information.

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